About CLVS


The mission of CLVS is simple: to provide high-fashion lingerie & swimwear.

It's time to innovate this niche by giving you boundless choices. There's a lack of special designs in the market. I specialize in creating unique designs that stand out. Rather than following the herd, CLVS thrives on innovation and creativity, pushing the boundaries to deliver truly original and mesmerizing designs that set you apart from the rest

CLVS was founded in 2023 with a clear vision and purpose: to provide unique designs that give you no other choice but to admire yourself. By wearing CLVS you get that glow feeling.


Hi, I'm Clovis, the founder of CLVS Lingerie & Swimwear! The main reason why I started this adventure is my passion for fashion, design, and the feminine body. My drive now is to empower women and boost their confidence through my luxurious designs.

I'm obsessed with beauty. The right outfit makes you feel amazing right? You feel free and confident. You're relaxed and radiate pure happiness. This glow is what CLVS is all about – creating that inner peace and embracing your most fabulous self!